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I grew up in a conservative home and attended a liberal college.

I saw both sides. The far right. The far left. I ended up choosing a middle ground. I valued the freedoms of the left. I also valued the goodness of many conservative ideas. Are we free? Should we be? If we are free then we have extremes like drug use and sex, even among teens who are in no way mature. Is living a moral life, with or without religion so bad, treating every person with respect? Sexy gets disrespectful. Drugs are disrespectful. Foolish speech is disrespectful. How liberal do we want to be? Anarchy is a slippery slope. Some people choose to be very bad people. Unimaginable. Do we encourage or discourage such people? How do we define good or bad? Should we be as filthy rich as many of us are? More or less government?